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We want your brows to be a real statement. Whether you want a full wild brow or a more defined look – this brow pen will help you master the look that’s perfect for you. And no matter how sweaty your workout at the gym gets, we’ll make sure you still have perfectly framed eyes. Because the Brow Pen is waterproof and sweatproof.  #word

  • water- and sweatproof for long-lasting results
  • precise and clean application thanks to the triangular tip
  • easy blending and modeling due to special formula and the integrated brow brush
  • natural look with three different color shades, blends perfectly with the natural shade of the brows
  • dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin


Our brow pen is dermatologically tested and vegan.None of our products are tested on animals.

Free of parabens and phthalates. Made in Germany.

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Expressive eyebrows in every situation - whether sports or your day-to-day life.

More than 70 women from all different kinds of athletic backgrounds have helped develop this brow pen. It’s made for sophisticated demands – and to give you defined, natural eyebrows. You yourself choose the look of your brows.
„It makes me feel strong and powerful – it highlights my brows and makes me smash the day.“
Carolin Krupp (Instagram: @carolinkrupp)
Pioneer of the Physical Nation
„It makes me feel strong and powerful – it highlights my brows and makes me smash the day.“
Carolin Krupp (Instagram: @carolinkrupp)
Pioneer of the Physical Nation

How do I know what brow pen color works for me?

Picking the right color for your brow pen is essential. Beauty experts usually recommend picking a color that’s about a shade darker than your hair color. If you have darker brows, aim to find a pen closest to your natural color. For detailed instructions on how to use our brow pen, check out the step-by-step guide a little further up the page.

Which color is suitable for blond hair?

If you’ve got a blonde mane, we recommend our shade “ash blonde”. If your hair's a little on the darker end of blonde or light brown, you’ll probably want to pick “ash brown”. But make sure the shade isn’t too light because you do want a little bit of effect, don’t ya?

Which color is suitable for dark eyebrows?

If you want to give your dark brows a more finished look, we recommend our medium shade “ash brown”. If you want to intensify your look, go all out and pick “dark brown”.

Which eyebrow shape is good for me?

The perfect eyebrow shape is one that complements the shape of your face. For a round face, beauty experts tend to recommend a slightly angular shape because it’ll make your face a little more slender and clear-cut. If you tend to have sharper facial features, then going for a round, curved look will make your face more harmonious. If you are unsure what shape is good for you, it might be worth seeking out professional advice.

What is the golden ratio for eyebrows?

You’ve learned already: there’s no one size fits all for eyebrows. But still, we’ll give you the general golden rule for eyebrows: Grab your brow pen and lean one end close to the side of your nose while holding it up to the inner point of your eye. Theoretically, where the pen hits your brow is the perfect starting point to shape your brow. Now let the pen glide across your eye right above the pupil – this is where the highest point of your brow should be. Once you’ve gone all the way to the outer edge, you’ve found the spot where your brow should end. Done.

How do I pluck the perfect brow?

There are a few options for shaping your brows perfectly: plucking, waxing, microblading. For the latter two we highly recommend you consult a professional. But if you want to pluck your eyebrows yourself, then get ready to grab your tweezers, mirror and some good daylight. What’s next: keep your skin stretched slightly by holding it firm with your fingers and pluck in the direction of the hair growth. Some extra tips for you: 1. The best time for plucking is right after your shower. 2. Never pluck them in front of a magnifying mirror. Even if this gives you a better view, your brows will look bigger than they are and we don’t want you plucking away more than necessary.