Every sport is different, creating a multi-faceted and diverse space. Just as diverse as the people who practice them. And those are the people we want to create high-quality, functional sports skincare for. Taking things a step further than everyone else, we have made women in sports an integral part of our product development process.

More than 75 individual women from different athletic backgrounds have shared with us their experiences and needs. All of which have gone into the development of high-quality, carefree sports skincare. Again and again. With passion. For almost two years.

These women have given us all kinds of different perspectives: women who use makeup every day; women who rarely use it. Women who treat their gym like a second home, and those that kick ass in the boxing ring. Women who find the time to squeeze in a workout between a busy work and family life. Every single one of them has contributed to our understanding and promise that we bring into our product development.


Every product has to pass an endurance test. And that could be anything: a double spin class, a half-marathon, or excessive showering after a sweaty workout. Or a rainy day in Hamburg. If the product isn’t approved by our Pioneers, it won’t go into production.

Our Pioneers, they rule the world.

Our Pioneers are coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, students, artists, creatives, teachers, and much more. The one thing they all have in common: an active lifestyle and a passion for sports. They train more than just their bodies. They push each other as well as their own limits. They set brave goals and they keep questioning the status quo - in sports, as in life. They are our true inspiration. They are the Physical Nation.