“You’re just one workout away from flipping your mood!“ Yup - inspirational quotes are everywhere and we all know they are cringy at times, but this one actually has a point! Here’s why:

Too tired, crappy weather, or your gym buddy just canceled... There will always be a good excuse to skip a workout. But let us tell you - every workout is a step in the right direction and you are so worth it!


We’ve already talked about the amazing effects exercise has on your skin and the effects of reducing the release of the body’s stress hormone cortisol in this article. Besides, we’re not talking about a few little pimples on your forehead; we’re talking about real mental health effects like depression, anxiety, or insomnia. These symptoms can become very real if your hormones are out of whack over time.

On the other hand, exercising actually increases the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the blood. This activates our brain’s reward system and brightens our mood. The body's own “happiness drug” so to speak. According to a study, just 30 minutes of light running per week can be as effective as an antidepressant!



Speaking of running: Have you heard of "runner's high”? It’s an exhilarating state where you feel like you’re flying and you could just run mile after mile after mile. Although, it isn’t due to the endorphins flooding through your body like we’ve been told by magazines and mainstream media. The happiness state is solely triggered in the brain. But that specific hormone hasn’t been detected yet. In fact, it acts more like a “pain reliever” in the bloodstream, which makes you less sensitive to exhaustion and injuries.

According to current research, “runners high” is actually linked to endocannabinoids: cannabis-like substances that the body produces during exercise that can actually put us in a state of ecstasy. 

Speaking of cannabis, did you know that hemp seeds have a soothing effect on the skin and can reduce redness? Try it out: Our Face Cream contains hemp seed oil and our Face Serum contains hemp seed extract. 

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Your brain has a gazillion tabs open yet you can’t seem to get that one thing done, right? Pro-tip: restart your system by taking a little walk in some fresh air. Ten minutes can make a difference in helping your brain neurons connect better and therefore improve your mental performance. It also helps to create a flow during those repetitive calm movements - whether it's walking, running, cycling, or rowing - it helps us refocus and deflect negative thinking.


Okay, friends - we know kettlebells, barbells, and medicine balls are not exactly beauty tools in the traditional sense, but regular weight training can not only strengthen our booty it also strengthens our self-confidence! The more visible and tangible your new training success is, the more you will radiate from the inside out. So in this case, beauty really comes from within. Ready to add an extra round of bench presses to your next workout?

By the way, this is a motivational saying that inner pigs don't like.

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