Why sports cosmetics are the better bridal makeup

Weddings can feel like a triathlon. The day starts early with final preparations for the big moment. Bridal bouquet: check. Hairdresser: check. Dress: check. A glance at the weather app: hopefully all sunshine... And the ceremony begins. Yes! Tears of joy flowing. Milestone reached. Champagne reception, wedding cake, gala dinner. The last chore of the day: dancing drunk with joy and celebrating into the early hours of the next day.

Why should you trust sports cosmetics for your perfect bridal makeup? Here’s why:

1. You’ll be the center of attention, all day long!

All eyes on you! As a bridal couple, you are the center of attention: you’ll be admired, photographed, and cheered on. Everyone will want to talk to you and congratulate you on your special day. It is your day of celebration! And a very long one indeed... You'll feel even better knowing you’re well prepared with our active beauty line. After all, sports makeup is specially designed for high-performance situations and demanding skin. Our makeup products last the whole day - from getting ready early in the morning to the intimate moments of your wedding night. No need for any touch-ups. Who has time for that anyway? Suitable for sensitive skin too - no reason to worry!

Warum Sportkosmetik das bessere Braut-Make-up ist, Blogartikel, wasserfest schweißfest langanhaltend long-lasting Make-up

2. Rain, hail, or shine - our makeup stands the test!

No matter what weather awaits you as you walk down the aisle - for your beach wedding or your boho garden party - you can always rely on sports cosmetics. With its waterproof formula, The Mascara will survive any rainstorm with ease. Want proof? Triathlon Magazine tested our mascara in its 01-2022 issue and gave it nothing but praise: "The mascara in our test was still flawless even after a swim session, ..." And should you break a sweat, whether due to sun, excitement, a lucky rainstorm, or hours of dancing, our mascara will stay where it belongs. That means on your lashes - sans smudging or runny lines under your eyes. Why are we so sure? All of our products are developed under the scrutiny of over 70 athletes who put on our mascara, eyebrow pencil, concealer, and all other products, and then put them to a workout and everyday endurance test. Wanna know more? Read all about the Pioneers of Physical Nation here.

Warum Sportkosmetik das bessere Braut-Make-up ist, Blogartikel, wasserfest schweißfest langanhaltend long-lasting Make-up

3. You’ll achieve a natural bridal look without lengthy make-up removal

You are radiant! Show off your happiness and let everyone see it! In fact, don't cover up your beautiful smile with too much makeup. We love the natural bridal look: Our BB Cream provides a light, even tint - all while moisturizing your skin. Our Bronzer gives you a sun-kissed natural glow. You determine the intensity. The Concealer reliably covers dark circles and small patches of redness without settling in the wrinkles. Oh hello, fresh look! Next, it’s time to draw attention to the area around your eyes. The Mascara provides magic for your lashes and makes anyone and everyone want to gaze deeply into your eyes. Finally, our Brow Pen gives your eyebrows just the right edge, all while keeping naturally defined. You’re ready, wife-to-be! Waterproof, sweatproof, long-lasting. But you already know that ;-)

But now we'll spill the beans on one more feature: Even though our products are long-lasting - no matter what - they’re still easy to remove in the evening. No drawn-out neverending sessions in front of the mirror to remove your waterproof mascara. After a day like that, who’d want to spend hours removing makeup, eh? With an oil-based makeup remover, our products can be removed quickly and gently. The best way to do that (obviously, doh!) is with our specially formulated Face Cleanser, which doesn’t dry out your skin and is extra nourishing with jasmine buds.

Warum Sportkosmetik das bessere Braut-Make-up ist, Blogartikel, wasserfest schweißfest langanhaltend long-lasting Make-up

Here's another hot tip from our make-up artist:

You shouldn’t test out your bridal make-up for the first time on the day of the wedding. Take a few weeks beforehand and practice your desired look. That way you can be relaxed on your big day and every brushstroke will be absolutely stunning. Hiring a professional makeup artist? Schedule a trial ahead of time so you can work together to create your perfect look!

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