Why Beautiful Glowing Skin starts with the Right Cleansing Routine

Something many of us underestimate: a thorough, but gentle and skin-friendly cleansing is the foundation of every effective skincare routine. Beautiful skin starts with cleansing. Always.

How an improper cleansing routine can mess with our skin

A little water and soap - is that all it takes to cleanse your skin like a pro? Even though this myth is persistent today, it’s definitely not the way to go! Our skincare expert Dr. Sarah Schunter explains: “Soap in particular is anything but skin-friendly when it comes to your pH value. Its harsh surfactants (cleaning agents) can be tough on your skin. Many other cleansing products are effective but disrupt the protective acid mantle of our skin and/or skin barrier." You can tell when your skin is feeling tight right after cleansing and you are craving the relief of a moisturizing face serum or cream.

Challenge accepted... our Face Cleanser!

So what does it take to remove dirt, make-up, waterproof mascara or sunscreen thoroughly while also being gentle on the skin? This paradox was the driving force behind the development of our Face Cleaner. On the wishlist: let it be thorough, but not aggressive on the skin; have it make your skin feel soft and hydrated right after cleansing; and last but not least: make it easy to use! Oh, and one more thing: a light exfoliating effect would be nice too! Thank you. Some might say: that’s a lot to ask for. To what we’ll say: challenge accepted! And today, we can proudly say mission accomplished - because our Face Cleanser can do it all!


What is there to know about skin cleansing? Sarah has an answer for us here too: “When cleansing your skin, it’s not just important to look at a product’s ingredients, but rather which ones have been left out! In particular, when it comes to cleaning agents, we should not be using any skin-irritating cleaning agents. These are usually summarized under the term “surfactants''. By the way, there are many different versions, but the common denominator is always how they work on a chemical level: Surfactants are detergents that work towards dissolving fat and water to ensure that any dirt and grease can be easily washed off." Sarah adds: “A cleanser becomes problematic when the surfactants do their job too intensively. It’s a fact that cleansing is definitely the step in your skin care routine that poses the greatest potential for skin irritation. To avoid irritation, choose mild surfactants that are effective and still gentle on our skin. They cleanse thoroughly, while keeping your skin’s balance in check. "

When skin cleansing becomes skin care: here’s how...

Enough of the theory, so how does our Face Cleanser work IRL? The initially solid cleansing stick gets activated as soon as it gets in touch with water when you apply it to your fingertips or your face! By massaging it into the skin, any dirt, make-up, waterproof mascara or sunscreen begin to be removed from your skin. At the same time, you're also stimulating the microcirculation of your skin. Then the final step: rinse everything off with lukewarm water and feel like a million bucks! You’ll have glowing, rosy cheeks and skin that feels well-hydrated! A perfect foundation to move on to the next step of your skin care routine.

How to find a mild cleanser

In our Face Cleanser, we rely on a combination of mild surfactants and plant-based oils so that your skin can receive thorough yet gentle skin cleansing. Think of it as making sure that we’re using just as much as necessary to get your skin cleansed properly and as little as possible so we’re not stripping the skin - maximum skin cleansing, minimal skin irritation. By the way, the mild surfactants we use in our Face Cleanser have the following - forgive us, not exactly easy to remember names:

- Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

- Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate

- Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

- Cocamidopropyl Betaine

When it comes to the oils, we are using a combination of carnauba wax and sesame oil, which are moisturizing and smoothing to the skin.

Milde Reinigung

Which surfactants should be avoided at all cost?

If you use our Face Cleanser, you won't have to worry about irritating surfactants. "However, it’s still good to know what to look out for when you’re in doubt about a product," says Sarah. Especially in shower gels and shampoos, there are a few surfactants that are frequently used and should be avoided:

- Sodium laureth sulfate

- Sodium lauryl sulfate

- Ammonium laureth sulfate

- Ammonium lauryl sulfate

"These surfactants don't have to be problematic per se,” according to Sarah, “but especially if you shower frequently or tend to have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, it's worth taking a closer look."

Beautiful skin, slow aging and more - A good cleanser is definitely a game changer

Serums, boosters and moisturizers - we all spend a lot of money on products like these on a regular basis. We diligently pat, massage, and tap it on our skin because we all just want youthful and glowing skin. But perhaps after reading all of the above, you might ask yourself if it’s all for the better! Don't get us wrong, good skin care products are just as important when it comes to your skincare routine. But maybe it’s time to quit underestimating the power of your cleansing regimen - it could be the game changer you’re looking for! It’s very simple after all: a good cleanser is gentle on the skin and maintains its sensitive balance. For that, according to Sarah, you need to focus on these three aspects:

- A healthy acid mantle: it protects the skin from harmful bacteria and therefore also reduces the development of impurities.

- Keeping important skin lipids in the skin: Cleansing with mild surfactants only, removing excess grease (sebum), without stripping the skin of its own lipids. As a result, our skin barrier remains intact.

- Maintaining an Intact skin barrier: your skin appears less dry and has an improved ability to retain water - because well-hydrated skin is usually healthy skin

So get that glow, girl because a good cleanse is half the battle.

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