Have you heard of “Skinimalism”? Well, we’re totally onboard! The new buzzword has become ubiquitous in the world of beauty - and yes, it’s fully aligned with one of our mottos here at Physical Nation: we strive to enhance your individual beauty with subtle makeup and high-quality care - rather than completely covering up your skin! And because there is not just "one" natural beauty look for everyone, we’re sharing four distinct ways you can create it using our products:


Long days, short nights: We all know the feels: sometimes the person staring back at us from the mirror in the morning looks so tired you might think about offering their eye bags a shot of espresso. But here’s what’s more effective - and less painful - just call on your squad team that is Mascara, Brow Pen and Concealer. We promise it works a treat!

  • Start with The Concealer: simply dab a few dots with the applicator on the area above your cheekbones. To look super duper fresh, don't forget the inner corner of your eye! Then gently pat in with your ring finger and blend. Of course, you can also use a concealer or makeup brush for blending it all in.
  • Now our Mascara comes into play: apply in zigzag movements, and it will give your lashes a deep, voluminous, long-lasting black look from root to tip. For even more expression, apply some extra Mascara to the lower lash line. And now: Time for a sexy eye gaze with yourself! Looking good, huh?

Physical Nation Eye Make-up Brow Pen Mascara Concealer


You want natural everyday makeup that makes you look and feel beautiful in just a few minutes? Then this one's for you! Concealer, BB Cream and Bronzer create a fresh, even complexion and allow your skin’s natural glow to shine through thanks to their light textures. And to top it off - Mascara and Brow Pen will give your eye extra volume and definition.

  • Start with The BB Cream: But first things first - make sure your face has been thoroughly cleansed. If your skin needs some extra care, you can use our Face Serum beforehand. Then apply a small dab of BB Cream to your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and blend the product with gentle strokes.
  • The Concealer will help you cover minor imperfections or dark circles individually if needed.
  • For a light tanning effect, use a powder brush to apply Bronzer and gently brush it onto the sun worshipping parts of your face (cheekbones, tip of your nose, chin and forehead). Pssst, here’s a pro-tip: It also works perfectly as an eyeshadow alternative!
  • Speaking of your eyes: First, bring your eyebrows into shape. Next, add a little lash action! Thanks to the narrowing brush of our Mascara, you'll catch every lash to make your eyes truly pop. Super easy. Super bright!


This is the no-makeup look for the minimalists amongst us. Bare-faced, but better! As per its name, our focus here is only on your natural complexion: radiant and smooth. This is how it’s done:

  • Here, too, a thoroughly cleansed skin is essential. Next you apply The BB cream. Unlike a tinted day cream, it has fine pigment beads that only release their color when applied to the skin.
  • To cover more imperfections, simply dab our Concealer on the desired areas and pat it in. We recommend applying The Concealer after The BB Cream - and not the other way around. Otherwise, it could be smudged when blending The BB Cream.
  • Do you prefer a light summer tan, or would you rather work with contouring? Up to you! Either generously use our Bronzer on the areas of the face that you want to highlight or use a little more product and selectively apply it to play with light and shadow.

Physical Nation Natural Beauty Look Natural Teint


Youthful, radiant, deeply moisturized and well-nourished skin with an extra glow: pure bliss! A thorough cleanse of your face followed by a skin care ritual not only lets you go to bed satisfied in the evening, it also creates the foundation for every step in your makeup routine in everyday life.

  • To best prepare your skin for the care step, it must be cleansed first. Say hi to our Face Cleanser in stick form! Its texture transforms into a creamy foam when it comes in contact with water, removing dirt and even waterproof makeup from your skin. Thanks to the combination of natural oils and exfoliating jasmine buds, it does this without drying out the skin in the process.
  • Now it's time to nourish, soothe and plump up your skin! Complex hyaluronic acids, bakuchiol and cannabis seed extract are the hero ingredients of our Face Serum. And we’re talking amounts that prove efficacy. That's why you only need a few drops of our product, which you then massage into your forehead, cheeks, neck and neckline using circular motions. Your skin will feel visibly fresh and supple in no time.
  • Last step: Cue our Face Cream. Its hyaluronic acid provides your skin with another moisture boost, while precious hemp seed oil increases elasticity. Again, massaging it in with your fingertips stimulates circulation and gives your complexion a real glow. Well, hello there, glowing YOU!

    Did you find the right everyday look for you? We’d love to hear! And finally, we have three important tips to ensure that our products perform as well as they should:

  1. Our Mascara is our absolute hero product: waterproof, sweatproof and long-lasting. However, oil-based creams or mascara serums make it difficult for it to unlock its full potential. A non-greasy, but moisturizing face cream is most suitable here.
  2. The same goes for our Brow Pen: it works best on oil-free skin. And, more importantly: it’ll last longer too!
  3. Last but not least: The Bronzer. Ideally, it should be used on top of The BB cream and not on freshly applied skin. This makes your complexion look more even overall and The Bronzer will stick better too.

The only thing left to say for us: Shine on, you natural beauty queen of the Physical Nation!

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