Fitness Addict, Sporty Spice, Gym Lover: Every one of us has that one super active energized bundle in their circle of friends or family that needs to be gifted every now and then. We'll tell you which gifts for sporty women are perfect for which occasion!


Yes, is it Christmas again? ...Easter? ...Mother's Day? ...birthday? ...Friendship Day?A glance at the calendar reveals: there is always someone to be treated and surprised with a present. However, if the person is the most active woman you know, you need to be really imaginative. 

Geschenkideen für sportliche und aktive Frauen

Because chances are she already has her fitness routine down to a whole science - coordinated sports outfits, meal prep, playlists sorted by mood (we love that nerdy vibe!) - is pretty darn high. How you can still surprise her? With this, for example:


Even the most athletic woman sometimes needs a little motivational kick for her daily workout. One thing that always helps is a new piece of clothing that you haven't pulled out of your closet for the hundredth time. A fresh pair of leggings makes running a bit more fun, and a bright sports bra puts you in a good mood all the way. In case your shopping budget is a bit smaller: Cool socks are rarely a treat for yourself - but they are a true athleisure accessory! Because we at the Physical Nation always preach the importance of the rest day: January 21 is International Sweatpants Day... ;)


Feeling good in our own skin can give us a real power boost, especially during sports. Luckily, we have something for the special someone! Our Physical Nation sets combine the best products for different makeup types, depending on individual needs.

Geschenkideen für sportliche und aktive Frauen


For example, the Daily Hydration Duo - with Face Serum and Face Cream, which provides a double portion of care for skin stressed by sports. The Eye-Mazing Set with Mascara, Concealer and Brow Pen in turn creates the best conditions for an intense eye look. Or the Essential Duo with our water- and sweatproof Mascara and moisturizing BB Cream - the ideal support for a sporty, natural everyday look. 

Geschenkideen für sportliche Frauen, aktive Frauen, Geschenke für Sportlerinnen

Once used, you don't want to do go without them - so it could be that our products outrank you as "best gym buddy" after gifting them. But in the end we know: you love the giver more than the gift... So take the inspiration with you, and look forward to the glowing cheeks of the bestie!


The worst enemy of all home workouts is routine. Breaking that routine is sometimes easier when inspiration comes from the outside. Your friend is in Crossfit fever but can't always make it to classes? Bring the iron home to her! There are now plenty of kettlebell and barbell sets that have left behind the rough-and-tumble charm of garage gyms and fit right into any living room aesthetic. Does she need more of a relaxed anti-stress program? Then enroll her in an online yin yoga class! Many studios offer flexible subscriptions for at-home or on-the-go - a really meaningful last-minute gift that even doesn't require wrapping paper. #thankuslater

Geschenkideen für Frauen, Ideen zum Verschenken für aktive Frauen


Time is considered as the most precious gift of all. And spent as a couple, it can be a real balm for the athlete's soul. Why not try something completely new together? Adventure runs, Ninja Warrior training or a pole dancing class are experiences that are sure to make you bond even more (we know how to play with words!). Work out, test new limits, have fun, and afterwards reminisce together - it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Geschenkideen für Frauen, Ideen zum Verschenken für aktive Frauen

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