The fanbase of sports cosmetics is growing! Long-lasting, high-performance makeup and skincare products are just as useful in day to day life as they are when exercising. One example: extra long work days (or in certain industries: Hello nurses and flight attendants!), when there is little or no time for a quick touch-up. Where else? We've got you covered! Here are our top 7 reasons - let’s go...

Physical nation Sportkosmetik und 7 Gründe dafür: Workout, regenfest, schweißfest, wasserfest, langanhaltend, zuverlässig Umfrage


Our Pioneer Imke Salander puts it in a nutshell: "I wanna look fierce when I kick ass!" A mascara that gives you a bright and radiant look, some bronzer for that sunny glow we crave: when we feel good in our skin, we’ll also give one hundred percent during our workout. And we get to sweat! Without thinking twice and worrying about messing up our makeup. Our active care will give you exactly the support you need: it’s waterproof, sweatproof and long-lasting. And yet it’s still super easy and gentle to remove. But only when you want it! Until then: it’s made to stay - and slay.

Physical nation Sportkosmetik und 7 Gründe dafür: Workout, regenfest, schweißfest, wasserfest, langanhaltend, zuverlässig


Ringing in the end of our day with a sweaty workout sesh can really hit the spot - but what if you dread taking off your makeup just so you can hop on the treadmill? Let’s get real for a sec: a decent cleansing routine before a workout is just as fun as brushing a toddlers' teeth before bed. (We'll break it down: literally almost zero). Your makeup, however, shouldn't start disintegrating mid-workout, nor should it be keeping your skin from getting a good sweat. So it's best to start using our long-lasting, sweat-proof products right in the morning. They perform just as reliably on the job as they do afterwards and not only save you unnecessary steps in your beauty routine - but also time, energy, and some extra space in your gym bag. Win-win!

We don't know anyone who has a busier schedule than our Pioneer Anne-Marie - mom of four, university lecturer and personal trainer (with up to four classes a day) - wow! And here's what she says: "Once applied, Physical Nation's products last all day long. My skin still feels fresh and intensely nourished - there's no need to constantly reapply like I used to before! Not only does it save time, but it's really good for my skin."


You've sweated, cursed and pushed through - and the whole world should be able to see that, of course! Time for a selfie, right? Because you know what they say: pics or it didn't happen :) And you know what else? It's nice to know that everything is still "in place" when it comes to showing your pretty face on camera. With our sweatproof products you’re always on the safe side. No need to clean up any runny mascara or stage your pic - you simply get to take a real honest snapshot! Just your best self feeling on top of the world - edition: sweaty AND beautiful!

Physical nation Sportkosmetik und 7 Gründe dafür: Workout, regenfest, schweißfest, wasserfest, langanhaltend, zuverlässig


There are places in this world that are measured by their number of sunny days per year (good job, Mallorca!). Or by the number of rainy days. Hamburg, for example, has 195 of them according to our statistics. The likelihood of being caught by a rain shower (one that doesn’t have any mercy for your freshly crafted eyelashes and carefully manicured brows!) while you’re out for a quick run or on the way to a friend’s BBQ, is virtually greater than meeting your neighbor when you’re checking your mailbox. And since smudged makeup really only looks good in romantic movie scenes in the rain, we opt instead to recommend the only thing that will save you in that sticky situation: our waterproof mascara and brow pen! Our Pioneer Jenny from Hamburg shares from her own experience: "There is no bad weather - there’s just bad makeup! No umbrella in the world will help you when Hamburg rain smacks you right in the face. Luckily, with waterproof sports beauty skincare, I'm always on the safe side when I’m headed to the gym in the morning and then to work after.”

Physical nation Sportkosmetik und 7 Gründe dafür: Workout, regenfest, schweißfest, wasserfest, langanhaltend, zuverlässig


…and neither does your makeup - as long as you choose waterproof and sweatproof sports beauty products, even the really hot days won’t make you fret. Here’s the thing... As soon as our body temperature rises above 37 degrees, our own internal "air conditioning" starts kicking in: we sweat. The sweat that comes through our skin evaporates and cools the body down. Pretty smart that body of ours, hey? So all you have to do is make sure you drink enough water and have the right beauty routine in place. By the way, not only makeup, but also skincare products should be adapted to the heat. Similarly to what you do before and after sports: light textures with moisturizing ingredients, such as our Face Cream with hemp seed oil and hyaluronic acid, are a perfect choice. Not only do they give your skin the right care after sweating, they also reduce redness and noticeably refresh the skin. Keep it cool, baby!

Physical nation Sportkosmetik und 7 Gründe dafür: Workout, regenfest, schweißfest, wasserfest, langanhaltend, zuverlässig


Shake that booty, beauty queen! Whether you’re channeling your inner John Travolta or Beyonce, whether you’re rocking it out at the After Work Club, or at your favorite open air festival - or you’re opting for a solo dance session behind your kitchen counter - we want you to dance your heart out! So while the crowd is slowly forming a euphoric circle around you (obvs due to your outstanding choreography that turns any dancefloor into a flaming inferno) let’s also attribute everyone’s attention to the fact that it’s certainly also your flawless makeup that seems untouchable no matter how many moves you pull off on the dance floor. But not only that: you’ll save yourself the trouble of waiting in line for the bathroom mirror. No touch-ups needed! Our pioneer and festival fan Gitte also appreciates the benefits of sports beauty outside of the gym: "As for me, I love festivals. And let's be honest, with the little sleep you get and days of dancing, you can look quite exhausted at times. With mascara, concealer and BB cream, on the other hand, you still look fabulous despite all those hours of dancing."


You’re one of the sensitive souls amongst us? Don't panic. True, our sports cosmetics weren't specially designed for the teary eyed ones (even if you really do feel like crying after 50 burpees - been there, done that). But no matter whether you’re with your best friend who makes you laugh till you (almost) pee your pants, or you tear up with every soppy TV commercial, or you’re just one of the deep feelers, we won’t break our promise: to develop products that are waterproof, sweatproof and long-lasting. And that’s why they will also withstand any case of tears running down your face. If anything, we hope your tears are tears of joy - and you’re stoked to never have to call yourself an ugly crier again! There are probably a whole ‘nother handful of everyday situations where using our products will prove its worth. For example, when your pup licks you right across the face as you come home from a long day at work or when you’re sprinting to the bus in the morning because you're just a tad late (again!). Either way: we got you, girl! With Physical Nation’s products by your side, you’re literally prepared for (almost) anything!

Physical nation Sportkosmetik und 7 Gründe dafür: Workout, regenfest, schweißfest, wasserfest, langanhaltend, zuverlässig

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